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LR Invest was founded in September 2020 by Leon David Rodzynek and is a renowned real estate consultancy specializing in commercial real estate. With a focus on the hospitality asset class, the company offers a comprehensive range of services relating to the acquisition, letting, purchase and sale of commercial real estate. Thanks to a nationwide network and excellent contacts with international investors and operators, LR Invest takes over the expansion department of well-known hotel operators and supports them in the search for suitable locations for their projects.

Leon David Rodzynek was introduced to the real estate and investment industry at an early age, as his great-grandfather Peter Müller founded Peter Müller-Kontorhaus Verwaltung GmbH & Co in 1992 to manage the family assets. After graduating from high school with a focus on business law in 2016, he completed his Bachelor's degree in International Management with a focus on media and communication management. During his studies, from 2018 to 2022, he managed FPM Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG and Peter Müller-Kontorhaus Verwaltung GmbH & Co. With this background knowledge, he founded LR Invest in 2020 to offer high-quality commercial real estate and support clients in buying, selling and letting. Leon David Rodzynek is known for his personal service and tailor-made solutions for clients. His goal is to make the process smooth and successful for them by always evolving and staying on top of the latest industry developments.

LR Invest specializes in commercial real estate, with a focus on the hospitality asset class.

The team at LR Invest offers comprehensive advice and services for buying and letting as well as buying and selling commercial real estate.

Since LR Invest was founded, the real estate consulting company has achieved impressive figures: Approx. 3,000 hotel rooms have been brokered, as well as an area of approx. 70,000 square meters. The transaction volume amounts to approx. 340 million euros. LR Invest is characterized by expertise, experience and a strong network in order to offer its clients tailor-made solutions for their real estate needs.

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